MGE INTERNACIONAL produces, processes and sells natural SLATE stone products from Brazil, such as wall and floor tiles, roof tiles, slabs, mosaics, cubes (cobblestones), fillets (strips), steps, thresholds, partitions, furniture, billiards, and made to order products.

Slate is one of the finest and most durable materials used in construction for thousands of years. Romans used Black Slate in their magnificent villas. The largest fortress in England in the first century AD had a slate roofing. Today slate flooring and roofing is a must all over the world. Slate is an ecofriendly material: extracted directly from nature, its production does not pollute our air or waters, does not cause any deforestation, and even helps to improve the quality of our waters due to its fine particle properties that cling to pollutants and helps to remove them.

MGE INTERNACIONAL has its own quarries of high quality slate, not matched by our competitors. We sell a wide variety of slates. Fom Black Slate to Purple Slate, from Green Slate to Rust Slate, from Grey Slate to Multicolor Slate, we produce them all for short term deliveries. Not to mention our Brazilian Quartzites, unmatched in beauty and resistance, also available on demand.

Our quarries are located in Minas Gerais state, in Central Brazil, distributed among the towns of Papagaios, Pompeu, Felixlandia and Martinho Campos. This area produces over 90% of all Brazilian Slates. Some are unique to this rich mineral province and to our quarries.

Brazilian SLATE stone is considered the best on Earth, and its quality is suitable for any climate, from tropical to subfreezing temperatures. MGE INTERNACIONAL is proud to offer the best material available in Brazil.

We extract Black, Gray, Green, Multicolour, Purple and Absolute Black SLATE suitable to all your demands. We have great concern about delivering our products on time. We use integrated logistics, which allows us to offer the lowest possible prices, utilizing all the tools available for safe operation and environmental protection.

For over 16 years, we have invested in modern machinery for SLATE processing. We know that quality makes all the difference. This explains our good reputation in the international market. We export to over 35 countries.

Our company mission is to produce slates for flooring (indoor and outdoor areas), roofing, gardening and landscaping. All MGE Internacional products offer great credibily and reliability due to our rigorous raw materials selection and finishing quality. We also make your Architectural Projects come true. Special slate sizes, colors and finishings can be provided to match your needs. On time. All over the world. Slate is our business.